Online Tools And Resources

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Often I have friends ask me for online tools and resources that I use or would recommend. To help me, and them, I created this quick, simple blog with a list of them. This list of tools and resources is a work in progress and I drop in during spare moments (rare), to update with more for you.

PopupAlly Builds Your Email List Quickly


There is a way for you to quickly build your email list without turning people off. The PopupAlly Wordpress plugin has a slew of embedded designs so you can add a non-popup opt-in to your sidebar, do a horizontal opt-in below your header, or a floating opt-in bar at the top or bottom of your page.

Internet Legal Documents

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Protect your online web based business with over 70 internet legal documents from AutoWebLaw. Just go to the link to view the video and to learn more. If your company has a website, you absolutely must have these internet legal documents. There are 5 categories you need to know about.

Create Websites With iGloo

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If you can point & click, then you can create websites with iGloo! Create webpages for your website using this fast & fully flexible drag & drop editor. You may have the best products or services in the industry, yet unless you can present them in the best light they won’t amount to very much.

Designrr Creates Awesome eBooks

Designrr ebook creator

Using a lead magnet is the most effective way of getting more leads into your business. Creating a pdf directly from a blog post gives you an instant lead magnet. However, they’re time consuming and costly to create. Designrr solves this, it’s a designer tool with images and graphics provided.