Unshorten It

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A favorite tool of mine, when I’m sent a link about which I’m uncertain. In their own words… Is that short URL you’re visiting REALLY going to contain cute kittens, or instead is it going to mug you and steal your wallet? Unshorten.It! takes any bullets for you, analysing the website for safety and letting…

Cloud Video Maker

Cloud Video Maker logo image

If you’ve been looking for an easy video making tool, I think I’ve now found my most preferred. Take a look at the Cloud Video Maker for yourself. I have used & tried many different tools for this type of video creation and this one has made my life a whole lot easier.

Find Your Focus With GrooveOtter

GrooveOtter app website view image

I know that you understand the difficulty of staying concentrated with so many distractions fighting for our attention. GrooveOtter helps you find your focus, then form powerful habits to stay focused. It’s a platform for increasing productivity and allows you to break your work into time intervals, keep track of your tasks, and asses your…


zaxaa, fastest way to sell online image

Zaxaa is a super, user-friendly shopping cart platform that allows you to instantly sell your products online, instantly deliver them to your customers, and instantly recruit affiliates to help sell your products. We can even automatically pay out instant commissions to your affiliates at the point-of-sale without waiting for the refund period to clear (if…

Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar Logo Image

Meet Edgar! Edgar is a social media scheduling tool like no other. Instead of publishing your updates just once and throwing them away like yesterday’s rubbish, he carefully catalogues them in a limitless library that you build over time. After Edgar publishes every update in a category, he simply pulls more from your library. You…

Photo Editor Tools

Your Digital Formula featured image

These are a few of my favorite photo editing tools for creating those wonderful, positive quotation images that you see at my Forward Steps self improvement Facebook page and other social profiles for Forward Steps. Explore all four and see which is best for your sites and image tasks.

Greener Websites

Greener Websites Feature Image

Here’s a great idea for helping our environment in yet another small way with greener websites. Green Certified Site™ is an eco-friendly web badge that calculates your website’s environmental footprint, finds ways to make your site more energy-efficient, automatically neutralizes its calculated carbon footprint, and displays the widely-recognized trustmark The idea is that a lot…

White Noise

White Noise Feature Image

It’s simple! Pick a color orb, slide the volume knob to a comfortable level and enjoy auditory zen, here. The “color” of noise is based on an audio spectrum of low to high frequencies. Color noise affects everyone differently, so we recommend giving each of our signature colors a listen to find what works best…

Make It Crisp

Make It Crisp Feature Image

I wanted to remember the location of this site Make It Crisp, so that I’ll remember to return and act on this great coaching. I found out about it during a talk I heard by Bill Liao via the Enlightened Business Summit. You might get benefit and it might suit you as well, so I’ve…

Social Locker For WordPress

Social Locker For Wordpress Feature Image

Really love this WordPress plug in. You can get the Social Locker here. Social Locker encourages visitors to share your content by locking away part of any blog post, which cannot be viewed until the blog post is shared at a social media site. I’ve only used it a few times till now. I really…

Sales Page Videos

Sales Page Videos Feature Image

I am quite accustomed to viewing sales page videos, where they use a video to explain the product and then, after a time delay, the buy button and product information is revealed underneath the video. Yet, I notice that, very often those videos on sales pages have no controls on the video, so you cannot…