Tweetdis Content Sharing With A Click

TweetDis is a WordPress plugin, that will turn any piece of text into a fancy looking tweetable quote.

Tweetdis WordPress plugin to share content_2You can see an example of how I’ve used it at this blog post of mine.

I’ve only just bought my plugin, and you’ll soon see it used many times more at my blog, in various, creative ways.

It is already one of my all time favorite tools.

Learn more about its many uses at this TweetDis web page.

With tweetable quotes you give your readers some great copy to tweet (which will make them look good).

They are hard to miss because they are styled differently from the rest of the copy and catch the eye, and have a “tweet this” call-to-action on them.

It’s super easy to tweet them, you only need to click on them.

I haven’t an example to show you at this post because I only bought a single site licence for my copy of TweetDis.

Yet you can take a look at this blog post of mine for a sample.

When you use the Social Wafare WP plugin, as I did in that example blog post above, you’ll see great images along with the TweetDis shares, as with mine.

Many parts of your blog post content can be turned into tweetable quotes.

For example, any quotes by famous people that you use in your article, short takeaways from your article, any statistical data and catchy phrases.

You have plenty of options when it comes to filling your article with some great tweetable quotes that people will share on Twitter.