Bravenet is the ultimate provider of a complete website solution including web hosting, site building, domains and free web tools.

It all started back in 1997. Dave, our founder, was building a website and was in need of a guestbook.

He combed the Web, looking for a decent free guestbook service, and came to realize that the few services available were either too hard to install, or too limited to be of much use. All he wanted was a simple, full featured guestbook for his site.

It was this simple realization that changed the Web forever. Dave set out to create the world’s best interactive, fully customizable, remotely hosted tools for webmasters of all skill levels… and he succeeded.

Bravenet’s dedicated and talented staff is continually developing exciting new services and upgrading their existing tools. They realize the Web is continually changing, and continue to change and grow right along with it.