Internet Legal Documents

Internet Legal Documents Image 2Protect your online web based business with over 70 internet legal documents from AutoWebLaw. Just go to that link to view the video and learn more.

Website Disclaimers & Disclosures

If your company has a website, you absolutely must have posted contracts governing your website use. There are 5 categories of documents you need to know about.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policies for Blogs, eBooks, Videos, etc.

There are 7 documents in this section. This section contains Terms of Use Documents and Disclaimers for Blogs, Videos, Information Products (such as eBooks and Articles) and product license agreements. Including:THE NEW – FTC Compensation and Affiliation Affidavit. (The FTC has come out with their updated version of guides for Endorsements and Testimonials. And as of December 1st 2009 all promoters endorsing/selling products not their own must divulge the connection, monetary or otherwise, they have with the product owner/company)

Newsletter Disclaimers

Second to good content, the most important information you need to include in your newsletter is the appropriate disclaimers. This section contains 4 very important newsletter disclaimers and a special letter to your subscribers giving them instructions on how to make sure your newsletter does not get spam filtered.

Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement

You’ll get three different types of Confidentiality Agreements in this section to use when confidential information is provided or exchanged between you and other parties that you DON’T want passed on to anyone else!

Purchase Agreements and Disclaimers

We can’t stress the importance of this section enough! If you’re selling software or products that promise income opportunities, then this section is essential for you to look at. It contains 3 agreements and a very important earnings and forward looking statement disclaimer. USE THESE DOCUMENTS RIGHT AWAY. Otherwise, the FTC will come knocking on YOUR door!

Software Development Agreements

Hiring a software developer without a structured software development agreement is a recipe for certain disaster. These 4 agreements will protect you when hiring a software developer and ensure that in the end, you receive the desired technology, for the desired price, and in the desired time frame.

Collaboration Agreements

These are the agreements you need to protect yourself when hiring someone to consult with you, hiring a copyrighter, or when working jointly on a project with other people.

Copyright Documents

These documents are used when you want to assign ownership rights to a piece of your intellectual property to another for a fee, or if you need to notify an online service provider that they are displaying unauthorized copyrighted materials on their service, to get them shut down!

Trademark Documents

These Trademark documents are used when you want to assign ownership rights to your trademark to another for a fee.

You can see here where I’ve used it at my own blog (although I really must update that & place it at the blog itself).

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