Social Warfare WP Plugin Sharing Buttons

Allow your posts and pages to be shared on the most popular social networks with attractive, mobile-ready share buttons using the Social Warfare WP plugin.

Social Warfare WordPress plugin for social sharing_2This is another of my all time favorites because it does not weigh down my blog and cause it to load slowly.

Built with performance in mind, these are the fastest loading social buttons available. They will never slow down your site.

It also has super options with the Pro add on, to make it look great at your site.

Easily match the buttons to your websites branding. Customize the look with over 5,000 potential style combinations.

No matter what size screen your website is viewed on, these share buttons are resposive and will always fit perfectly.

The Social Warfare WP plugin even protects your content when shared, because it includes their Frame Buster plugin that prevents people from adding their own calls-to-action over top of yours.

You can see how I use it to best advantage by visiting any of my blog posts, at my main blog.

In this small blog (where you are now), I have only used the free account, yet at at the link above you’ll see that I have gone for the Pro version of the Social Warfare WP plugin.

Using the Pro version add on, I have more options for customization.